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You will not believe how good this is! Buy 4 and stock up for the year! Rich melted Bleu cheese, bacon pieces, crisp green onion and cream cheese are the perfect complement to your appetizer bar, served with warm French bread. Serves 6-10.

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About Social Suppers

Social Suppers is a company founded by two busy moms looking for relief from dinner time stress. Social Suppers was created so that families could have a great meal at home with less mess and no stress! We recognized that Kansas City families desired meals at home around the table, but needed help getting there! We've since expanded into Springfield, MO and enjoy taking our love of fun, food and family to cities around the Midwest looking for a way to bring back the family dinners.

Family Dinners Benefit the Family

Research has shown that consistent time around the family dinner table at least four nights/week is very beneficial for children, marriages and the family unit. From behavioral issues to healthy lifestyle choices, eating at home with the family has great rewards. In a busy society full of soccer practice and dance lessons, we know that consistent family dinners can be challenging. That's why we developed Social Suppers - to help parents get a nutritious,  home-cooked meal on the table.

Save Time, Energy and Money!

We've provided millions of dinners to busy families and professionals. We provide families with more time around the table, less hectic evenings and money savings for many years.

Stop in to one of our many KC metro-area locations today to take a sneak peek at our prep kitchens, or schedule your meal assembly session today to get started!


Social Suppers

Assembled For You

Love the idea of taking a meal out of the freezer and into the oven, but don't have time to put it together? Social Suppers will assemble the meals for you! Meals will come from our monthly menu, and be full of delicious choices that your whole family will like. This is ideal for the busy professional who wants a nutritional meal for the family, yet runs short on time for assembly. To get started, just take a look at this month's menu. Select the items that you and your family would enjoy best. Give us a call and let us know what to assemble for you, and if you have any special requests or food allergies to look out for.  We'll put your meals together so that all of your specific preferences are met. Then just pick up the meals, place them in your freezer, and set out what you'd like to eat the Sunday before the weeks begins!

Make Your Own Meals

Looking for a fun way to get in the kitchen, spend time with friends, learn new recipes and save on the stress of preparing nightly meals? Look no further! Social Suppers is perfect for those who desire to feed their family delicious, home-cooked meals, yet save on the nighttime hassle and stress. All you have to do is find a Social Suppers location nearest you, schedule an appointment and let us know what you'd like to assemble from our monthly menu. We'll do all of the shopping and chopping - so that when you arrive, all you have to do is follow an easy recipe card and assemble the meal. You'll also be able to make adjustment to the menu based on your family's preferences. Making your Own Meals is especially fun when you come to Social Suppers with a group. The relaxed environment will not only give you a fun time with friends, but allow you to double-task and get meals for your family crossed off the list!