Does Social Suppers offer vegetarian meals?2018-06-07T13:44:53-05:00

Each month we typically have a few meals that are without meat or can be modified without meat. Please call us for ideas on each month’s menu.

Can I make substitutions on meals?2018-06-07T13:43:59-05:00

Absolutely! We are super flexible and want to be sure you get what your family will enjoy.

What if I’m very picky about what my family eats?2018-06-07T13:42:29-05:00

This is a great question! Social Suppers is constantly working to find the best quality for every ingredient that goes into our meals. We purchase our meat from a local meat company that dry ages their beef for exceptional tenderness. Although not organic, our chicken and fish are hormone free. Our menu is trans-fat free and we are working to eliminate high fructose corn syrup wherever possible. (It’s still in our ketchup – darn it!) We use fresh vegetables when they are the best for freezing or frozen on a few that work better from frozen. No matter what the ingredient, you can trust that Social Suppers is focused on making it healthy, nutritious, and high quality.

Can I use Social Suppers if I have food allergies?2018-06-07T13:37:18-05:00

Food allergies are a big concern for many Social Suppers customers. On prepared foods, we will be happy to read ingredients lists to customers who call.  

Given the proximity of all of our ingredients, it is impossible for Social Suppers to guarantee that there will not be cross contamination from potential allergens. We ask that each guest make a determination on whether our service is right for them based on the severity of their allergy and potential concerns. For any allergy questions, please call us (link to phone number) to discuss the best options.

What if my family doesn’t seem interested in some of this month’s meals?2018-06-07T13:36:24-05:00

We always have freezers full of additional items that are not on the current menu available in the store.  You can add on to your order at pick up or swap out when you arrive.

Six portions are too large for my family. Do I have any options?2018-06-07T13:35:46-05:00

Definitely! You can choose Half size meals that are designed to for 3 servings.

How many people will these meals serve?

All Full size recipes are designed for 6 servings; you’ll get 6 chicken breasts or 6 fish filets, etc. unless otherwise noted. Half servings are designed for 3 servings.

How do I book a Special Event?2018-06-07T13:34:36-05:00

Give us a call at the store or use the contact form to submit a request.

How / when do I pay?2018-06-07T12:44:07-05:00

It is best to make payment at pick up or there is an option to pay when you order on line. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Checks, and Cash. Oh, and Gift Certificates!

How do I register for a Social Suppers session?2018-06-07T12:43:30-05:00

You can come make your meals with us with NO Reservation on Sample Saturday (the first Saturday of every month) or you can order assembled meals for pick-up on line.

Or if you prefer, feel free to call us. Or just drop by our store!

Is Social Suppers a membership based club?2018-06-07T12:11:16-05:00

Not at all, Social Suppers is open to everyone. There are no minimum session commitments or purchase commitments.

I’m new to this…how does this work?2018-06-07T12:10:33-05:00

We are glad you asked! Click here to take a tour.

Can I bring a friend or child with me?2018-06-07T13:51:37-05:00

Kids love Sample Saturday! It is a fun and unique opportunity to spend time with your child preparing meals for the month. Kids love customizing their own meals!