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You will not believe how good this is! Buy 4 and stock up for the year! Rich melted Bleu cheese, bacon pieces, crisp green onion and cream cheese are the perfect complement to your appetizer bar, served with warm French bread. Serves 6-10.

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How It works

How It Works

Curious about how Social Suppers works? Here's a quick overview about how our meal assembly works! If you're desiring us to assemble a meal for you, or interested in our take and bake meals, just find a store nearest you and give them a call!


Before You Arrive at Social Suppers for Meal Assembly

If you're doing your own Meal Assembly, you'll need to take three easy online steps before you come into our kitchen!

  • Review our Social Suppers Kitchen Locations, and a kitchen closest to you. (If Social Suppers will be assembling the meals for you, you can just schedule a pickup date and time at your location.)
  • Select a session date and time at Social Suppers. You can sign up with friends, or make new ones. After all, we do call this "Social" Suppers!
  • Once you select a date that works best for you, your next screen will show you the menu options for that month. Select which dishes you'd like to assemble (or which ones you'd like us to assemble the meal for you!) You'll also be shown your total cost, as well as cost per serving!

You'll receive an email confirmation when you've scheduled your session at the Social Suppers Kitchen! (You'll also receive an email with your preferences if Social Suppers is assembling the meal for you.

When You Arrive At Social Suppers Kitchen

Everyone loves Social Suppers because it's so easy! All of the grocery shopping, chopping, dicing and de-thawing will already be done for you! Only the fun things will be left to you!

  • Make sure to bring a basket or cooler so that you can easily transport your meals home!
  • When you walk into the Social Suppers kitchen, grab an apron, and attend a quick orientation (On our special 1st Saturday sessions, you can also grab some drinks and food and test out tasty recipes)
  • Choose the recipe assembly station you'd like to begin with, the ingredients are waiting for you for the meals you ordered upon signing up.
  • When you've assembled your meal, we'll provide you with freezer-ready containers. Just place a pre-printed label on the container, and place the meal in your basket or cooler that you brought! The label will give you cooking instructions once you're home.
  • Move on to the next station and have a blast assembling all of your meals!

Our Social Suppers staff are always ready to help you with assembly, or any questions! Just find one of our chefs around the kitchen if you need help!

Once You Are Home with your Social Suppers Meal

Social Suppers makes dinner easy! You'll skip the stress and the mess, and enjoy a great evening around the table with your family. Once you get home after your Meal Assembly Session at Social Suppers (or with your pre-assembled meals by Social Suppers):

  • Place your prepared meals in the freezer. All of our packaging if freezer-ready and designed to easily fit in the freezer! 
  • Place your inventory/menu sheet on your freezer door so you remember which meals you have ready to eat!
  • Each Sunday, choose 2-3 meals you'd like to eat throughout the upcoming week and place them in your refrigerator to thaw.
  • On Social Supper meal days, heat your delicious dishes according to the instructions provided and enjoy all of your free time and no stress!

On Social Supper meal nights you'll be eating a delicious, nutritious meal while spending time engaging with those you love the most.