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"Although my family loves everthing we make at SS, this month has been incredible!!! The Taco Calzones are FANTASTIC!!! Oh my gosh!!! Luckily we did a full order and only baked 1/2 so far... So I know we have more coming. The Chicken Spedini is restaurant quality. Seriously AMAZING!!! We did not even use the lemon vinegarette dressing, just the chicken!!!! It is so moist and tender and so flavorful!!!!!!!!!!! Even leftovers in the microwave are moist! I pray they have more of this dish because we MUST have more!!! The Ranch Chicken Bacon wraps are also incredible..warmed or cold! We really enjoyed the Spinach/Artichoke Calzones were also heavenly. Very creamy. We are very excited about the menu items for March! :) "

Jan T - KCMO

Kitchen: Lees Summit

"Going to Social Suppers monthly has changed our lives. The time saved from less trips to the grocer and preparation of meals is incredible. We also now get more of a variety in meats, flavors and healthier meals. My kids love it all. My 10 year old daughter makes the meals with me and as a result, she will now try new things: because she made it. It is great bonding time for us to make nearly a months' worth of meals in less than 2 hrs. My entire family loves this!!!!!! We book our next month's session before we leave each session. Doing it on a routine now is just heaven. I have been telling all my friends and family how SS has changed our lives...for the better!!!!! Jan KCMO"

Jan - Kansas City MO

Kitchen: Lees Summit

"We tired social suppers because we were wanting to spend less money eating out. we have 3 children and finding something quick and easy for our busy schedule that I did not have to shop for the ingredients was a need. These meals are easy to follow instructions with a short of amount of time to prepare and cook. The meals all taste good and our kids have liked everything so far. "

- Lee\

Kitchen: Lees Summit

"Wonderful! This makes our dinner time go so much smoother at our house!"

Dawn - Springfield

Kitchen: Springfield

"What a wonderful concept for busy working people who want to feed their families good home-cooked meals! And the staff are very friendly and work hard to take care of their customers needs."

Brenda Neal - Springfield, MO

Kitchen: Springfield

"Social Suppers has been a life saver for me. I'm a busy mom with three kids under 3, own my own business with a husband that travels and I don't have time to plan extravagant meals or figure out what's for dinner. Social Suppers takes the guess work out of cooking for me. I just pull something out of the freezer and I can easily avoid the inevitable question of "What's for dinner?" The food is great, there are hardly any dishes to clean up after I've cooked my meal and even the kids love the food! Thank you for helping me to survive my busy life!"

Amy Driver - Independence, MO

Kitchen: Lees Summit

"The Maple Chipotle BBQ Chicken was the BEST!"

Debi Baley - Kansas City

Kitchen: Barry Road

"I love this place! The freezer section is made for me and I love that someone always helps me get in and get out! I make these fantastic meals that all I have to do is add heat :-) My kinda cooking!!! "

- KS

Kitchen: Prairie Village

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE the feeling of having a well stocked freezer in just about an hour and a half of time!! You girls at PV Social Suppers ROCK!!!!"

Marcie - KS

Kitchen: Prairie Village