About Social Suppers

Social Suppers – your favorite place to shop for family friendly, quick & easy dinners you take home and cook up in minutes. No shopping, no chopping we do all of that for you. You just heat up the oven, pop it in and dinner is done! Stop in and shop from the fridge & freezers, we have over 70 different entree to choose from everyday.

We also have Side Items, Appetizers, Desserts & Fresh Salad Eat Healthy and Save Money at Social Suppers

♦Want the nutritional and financial benefits of eating at home, but don’t have the time to grocery shop or assemble meals?
♦ Our menus are not only delicious, but nutritional as well. Check out our Lite & Fit entree items.
♦ Have a picky family or food allergies? We’ll help you modify the recipe to meet your family’s nutritional needs.


I always tell people that it’s all real ingredients, no preservatives, tastes like you made it yourself, only no shopping or time spent. Perfect for those wanting to provide a good meal, but short on time.

Kirsten Mcguire

“Love everything I get with Social Suppers”

Jill Paton

“I received several meals after my surgery. All the meals have been AMAZING! I HIGHLY recommend any and all of their meals. Very impressed. I was even given vegetarian meals, as my husband is vegetarian. 🤩

Tracie Burton Giron

“Great people, delicious food options”

Jan Downing

“Wide variety of options all freshly made”

Melissa Stolhand